E-Max Kit with color display and data download

7.9″ Color Energy Monitor . No WiFi required. Data download direct from the monitor.

In the box: 1 x E-Max display / 1 x Transmitter/ 2 x XL sensors / 1 x USB power cable

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7.9″ Stylish Colour Energy Display

E-Max is the latest energy monitor from Efergy. Now is easier to keep an eye on your energy use at home than ever with a big 7.9″ display, faster performance, battery for room-to-room portability and USB-2.0 port to download your energy consumption data.

The largest energy display on the market at present

The E-Max features a 7.9-inch screen making it the largest on the market at the present time, making it very easy to use from a distance.

Everything you love about energy monitoring, but bigger


7.9″ high quality colour display with touch buttons


See your current energy use with a colour-coded speedometer


Historic data today/yesterday, this/last week, this/last month


See this month always on and peak usage in kW


Use a USB Flash Drive to Download your Energy Data in .csv format


Peak time, high usage, low battery and wireless signal indicator


Stylish free standing or wall mounted colour display


Walk around the house and observe how much energy you are using

Colour-Coded Instant Energy Readings

The home screen shows you exactly what power you are using at that precise time and the cost of the electricity you have used so far today.

The E-Max uses intelligent graphics – like a speedometer to show current energy use and a budget bar to help you keep track of costs.

Track your home energy use

The E-Max comes with a data history function allowing you to compare usage overtime periods, today/yesterday, this week/last week, this month/last month, in cost, kWh and kgCO2.

Download your Energy Data

You can also easily download your energy data into a CSV formatted file, simple plug in your USB memory stick, and watch the display as it quickly uploads your data to the stick. Plug the USB memory stick into your computer and simply use Excel to read the data stored. The data downloaded include the latest 31 days, 12 months (hourly), and 24 months.

Peak Tariff & High Usage Alerts

The E-Max will show you when you are on your peak tariff, alerting you to avoid using high energy-consuming appliances, such as washing machines or tumble dryers at this time. You can even set High Usage alert to let you know when you may just have too many things turned on.

See which of your appliances uses the most energy

The E-Max allows you to discover the energy consumption of your appliances and set a budget to help you meet your saving target.

This Month Always On & Peak Usage

Other useful features of the E-Max include Always On function which allows you to see what your home is consuming 24 hours a day and Peak Usage which shows the high usage since installing the display, giving you an indication on spikes in consumption. This can also be used for sizing standby generators or solar installations.

Monitor, reduce and save both energy and money

The E-Max has battery backup which means it can be carried around the house while checking the power consumption of appliances. To do this simply check the energy consumption before you turn off an appliance and then monitor the change.

Tips and Upgrades


To monitor the feed in power from your solar power system. Just attach the CT clamp around the solar feed-in cable that will be in your fuse breaker box.


You can install the sensor clamp onto a separate individual circuit like a hot tub, Air-conditioner or solar systems circuit to measure individual power.


Compatible with the Elite, E2 and Engage Transmitters and Sensors. Suitable for single, two and three-phase households. Supports up to 4 electricity tariffs.


If you want to expand your E-Max energy monitor to be able to track your electricity usage online, check out the Efergy Engage Hub Solo.

Compatible with the Engage/Elite/E2

The E-Max is compatible with the Efergy  Engage, Elite and E2, meaning if you want to add a new display to your current system you can just buy the E-Max display and pair it with the transmitter and sensor(s) of your existing system.

Technical Details

Model Number: EMax-1.0

Power Supply: DC 5V or Alkaline Battery

USB Port: Standard USB-2.0

Radio Frequency: 433.5MHz

Transmission Interval: 10s

Transmission Range: Up to 70m in open area

Measuring Current: Rated 50mA-120A, Max 200A

Dimensions: 167 x 25 x 127 mm