Online Home Energy Monitors
View the energy usage information from your smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop.
Engage Hub Kit

Online Energy Monitor

Engage Hub Solo

Online Energy Monitor

Circuit Sub-Metering Kit

Multi-Circuit Add On for Engage

Solar Sub-Metering Kit

Solar Sub-metering for Engage

Wireless In-Home Energy Monitors
Small wireless LCD display that shows you how much electricity you’re using in your home in real time.


7.9” Color Energy Display

Elite Classic

In-Home Energy Display

Elite True Power Meter

Most Accurate Home Energy Monitor

E2 Classic

Energy Display & Software

Online Energy Monitor & Home Display
This energy monitoring kit puts together the Elite or the E2 Classic Display and the Engage Online Energy Monitor, making it a powerful combination.
Engage & Elite Kit

Online Energy Monitor & Display

Engage & E2 Kit

Online Energy Monitor & Display

Engage & Elite TPM

Online Energy Monitor & Display

Efergy Accessories
The following accessories are compatible with the Engage, E2 and Elite.

Engage Sub-metering Kit

Add on for the Engage to monitor multiple circuits


Wireless RF Transmitter for Engage, Elite and E2

XL Sensor

XL Current Sensor for Engage, Elite and E2

DC Monitor Power Adapter

Efergy DC monitor power adapter

E-Max (Monitor Only)

7-9” Color Energy Display

Efergy Elite (Monitor Only)

Wireless Energy Display

Efergy TPM (Monitor Only)

Wireless Energy Display

Efergy E2 (Monitor Only)

Wireless Energy Display